“YourCoach” Coaches School

Why us?

New Fitness Philosophy

Training is based on the "IntensFit" program, which is the leader in the Ukrainian fitness market

Individual approach to learning

We will reveal and improve your skills

Less theory, more practice

During the course, you will train our clients. A coach-mentor will be assigned to you, they will supervise you throughout the training

Work in the "YourCoach" company

After the graduation and successfully passing the exam, you will receive a diploma and a great opportunity to work with us!

Join the "YourCoach" team

How to become a personal trainer?

Payment/Receiving training materials

Practice/Theory 4 weeks

Internship 24 hours




Oleg Herman

Oleg Herman

  • Head of the "YourCoach" network
  • Certified Physical Education and Sports specialist
  • Track and Field Athlete
Mariia Katsimon

Mariia Katsimon

  • Head of the physical rehabilitation at the "YourCoach" network
  • Higher education in the "Physical rehabilitation" field
  • Medical education in the "General Medicine" field
  • Experienced in the orthopedics and musculoskeletal system rehabilitation field
  • Kinesiotherapy trainer
Bielousov Serhii

Bielousov Serhii

  • Senior coach-methodologist at the "YourCoach" network
  • Certified Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy specialist
  • Specialist on motion

Course program

The course consists of 4 seminars You can take the whole course or only those seminars that you are interested in

After all the seminars and successfully passing the exam, you will receive a "YourCoach" Coaches School diploma

2.10 - 3.10

Personal training. Concept of the "IntensFit" program

  • Effective algorithm for working with clients. Anatomy (structure of the skeletal system and muscular system. Basics of the central nervous and endocrine systems)
  • The basics of the training process. Building a training process in the gym
4900 uah

Rehabilitation. Training methodology for people with different clinical indications

  • Musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, hormonal imbalance, diabetes and insulin resistance, arterial hypertension
3900 uah

Basics of a balanced diet

  • Digestive system anatomy
  • Sports Dietetics
  • Drawing up a diet taking into account the characteristics of a person's health (hormonal imbalance, diabetes and insulin resistance)
3900 uah



7900 uah
12700 uah

The number of participants is limited / Pre-registration is required