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Weight loss program «IntensFit»

The program consists of:
  • 16 trainings with a coach
  • Gym visit
  • Individual training program
  • Nutrition program
  • Weekly results control
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Trainings with a coach
One-time training 240 hrn
Subscription for 10 trainings 1900 hrn
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Trainings online

Trainings online
IntensFit Online 1900 hrn
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Subscriptions for the gym on 1 month

Trainings online
Day time from 7:00 till 17:00 550 hrn** \
Limitless subscription 650 hrn**
One-time training 120 hrn

**  Subscription price for 10 and more trainings

Please make sure to read the Terms of Use and the Rules of the “IntensFit” Fitness Club here